Anitha Jayaprakash


As a PhD student at the Icahn School of Medicine, Anitha developed and patented multiple technologies related to next generation sequencing for the applications of immune, mitochondrial, and small RNA sequencing. In fact, her sRNA-seq patent was licensed and commericalized by Bioo Scientific and has become the top selling sRNA-seq kit on the market. Anitha's T-cell receptor-related patents served as the basis for the immunotherapy startup (Girihlet) that she co-founded and of which she is the CEO. Girihlet uses T-Cell Receptors from the immune system as biomarkers because they can give a dynamic, up-to-date read out of what attacks (both internal and external in origin) the body is currently encountering. They are specific to each person. This has potential applications in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating disease.
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