The Global Synthetic Biology Conference

September 29 - October 1, 2020

Bay Area California, Oakland Marriott

SynBioBeta is where tech meets bio and bio meets tech.

Join us September 29 - October 1, 2020 to see how synthetic biology is disrupting consumer products, food, agriculture, medicine, chemicals, materials, and more. The SynBioBeta Global Synthetic Biology Conference 2020 unites the leading biological engineers, investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs who make up this fast-growing industry - all during one impactful event. Come learn the latest technologies, hear the big announcements in the field, make new partnerships, meet investors, and discover new companies.


Featured Speakers

Michalyn Andrews
Shiz Aoki
Ryan Bethencourt
Surge Biswas
Zachary Bogue
Christina Boville
Ed Boyden
Amanda Cashin
Janice Chen
George Church
Mark Colburn
Ena Cratsenburg
Rimjhim Dasgupta
Ginger Dosier
Lisa Dyson
Nethaji Gallage
Aleksandra Gosiewski
Zach Graves
Moira Gunn
Rachel Haurwitz
Maureen Hillenmeyer
Jennifer Holmgrem
Sarah Ives
Anitha Jayaprakash
Mary-Cathrine Leewis
Julie Legault
Emily Leproust
Francia Navarrete
Matt Ocko
Ai Oikawa
Heath Packard
Ingrid Pultz
Carolina Reis Oliveira
Sarah Richardson
Simone Ross
Alexis Rovner
Deblina Sarkar
Anne Schauer-Gimenez
Greg Scott
Michael Selden
Liz Shepherd
Fatemeh Shirazi
Leah Sibener
Taryn Southern
Wil Srubar
Ezhil Subbian
Shannon Theobald
Jessica Thompson
Shara Ticku
Anna Marie Wagner
Sophia Wang
Jason Webber
Bethan Wolfenden
Sylvia Wulf

Key Themes & Topics

Biotech Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

Tech Platforms

Climate Change
DNA Data Storage
Artificial Intelligence
Digital Business Models


Vaccines & Global Health
Cell Therapies
Immunotherapies for Cancer


Education (Workforce)
Engagement & Messaging

Sponsors & Exhibitors

SynBioBeta is the leading community of entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and enthusiasts devoted to the responsible growth of the synthetic biology field. We’re dedicated to telling the stories of the field and companies involved, building their networks, and helping them grow.
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