Rimjhim Dasgupta


Rimjhim has 30 years of research experience in the area of Biotechnology, IPR/Competitive Prospecting & Bioinformatics and possesses sound skills and expertise in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Genomics, patent science and databases. She completed her Master’s & PhD in Biochemistry, postdoc in Neuro-molecular biology from University of Kentucky USA, worked for a few years in bioinformatics based in Bangalore, India and established the first data science team in India 20 years back. She joined Monsanto USA in IP/Patent Science managing Monsanto plant R&D pipeline. Her last assignment was with Monsanto/Bayer as an IP region lead where she has spent more than a decade making recommendations for developing IP portfolio, go/no-go decision and internal competitive advantage, technology landscape, patent search, drafting, filing, routine monitoring of competition and alerting management about potential technology threat/opportunity. Recently, she established her own venture ‘4NBIO’ to raise IP awareness in India region and to support & develop IP portfolio for public/ private institute/companies by providing multiple services including patent analysis, competitive prospecting, patent drafting, patent filing for national and international, freedom to operate search, prior art search, sequence analysis, IP workshop etc.
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